Song of the Wind sung by villagers in yaksan-Myron, Wando, South Korea. 02min 18 sec

Tessa Peters 7min 39sec
Read the artists essay A Zone of Discovery
Gatari Surya Kasuma 8min 38sec
Read the artists essay Notes From the Kelp Farm
Marco Kusumawijaya 3min 06sec
Read the artists essay Between the Mountain and the Sea: Density and Intensity in Yaksan
Christine Mackey 8min 01sec
Read the artists essay Cast-up, Cast-off, Cast-on
Vincent Rumahloine (Rakarsa Collective) 7min 31sec
Read the artists essay Reflection
Wan Chantavilasvong 3min 36sec
Read the artists essay In Looking at the Overlooked
Ezekiel Sales 4min 48sec
Read the artists essay Cross-Pollinations
Daniel Duarte Pereira 5min 06sec
Read the artists essay Entangled encounters with Chonggak
Ambiguous Dance Company 19min 23sec
Watch the “Dance: Wish” Video Dance: Wish
Shinkoo Woo, Professor at the Department of Architecture at Pusan National University,  17min 37sec
Read the report developed by the LBK21. Living SOC Innovation Design Using Empty Spaces in Declining Cities Educational Research Group. Pusan National University Yaksan-do Workshop Result Report
Byengseok Kim 04min 51sec
Read the Dangmok-ri (Old) Village Community Center Project report developed by YIAN Architects with Byengseok Kim
Wall Paintings workshops 06min 02 seg
Kira Kim, Sejin Kim, Sooyeon Kim, Heesun Kim, Kwangtae Park, Sojeong Park, E-bi Park, Hyunji Oh, Jaewon Lee, Hyeyun Cho, Xooang Choi, Jeaho Hwang, Giloon Park, Mihwa Song, Hyunjun Park, Hyunji Park, Seoah Kim, Seowoo Kim, Moonkyeom Cheon, Bobin Cheon (Eodu-ri)
Interview with village elder Kim Pyung Moo 21min 41sec
Interview with villager Giloon Park 07min 52sec
Interview with migrant workers Tong and Srinoom 03min 25sec
Interview farming owner Park Namsoo 08min 56sec

About the Videographer

Jaehoon Choi began his work in an attempt to face his own memories and wounds. He explores the sharing of personal traumas and memories, and contemplates how they can be confronted and healed within a community. Based on this, it is reproduced as ‘a distorted mirror image, a point where the inside and outside meet, a digital totem, and the shape of a community system’. He mainly works using sculpture, video, object installation, and photography, and recently he is also attempting interactive audience participation in his works.