Dangmok-ri (Old) Village Community Center Project

Preparation Project of the Residency Place for the Song of the Wind participants

YIAN Architects + Byengseok Kim

Project Overview

(1) Residency Project

- Dangmok-ri (Old) Village Community Center Project Plans to prepare a residence place for participants in the Song of the Wind project. The space will provide room and board, as well as workspace for Korean and international participants.

- The residency space is located in the center of Dangmok-ri Village, and was formerly used as a village community center. After renting the first floor from the village residents, we are tasked with remodelling the space into a living and working place for participants.

- Following the construction of a larger new village community center nearby, the old village community center remained as a ‘recreational space,’ with the first floor used by the village Women's Society and seniors, and 2nd floor used by the Village Youth Group.

- It was decided that we would rent the 1st floor space on the condition that we restore and return the space following the completion of Song of the Wind project, so that the Women's Society could utilize the space again (Nov. 2022).

(2) Current Status of Dangmok-ri (Old) Village Community Center Building 

1) 1st Floor

- The layout of the (Old) village community center consists of the entrance space, central living room, right room (restroom, sink), left room (restroom, sink).

- The restroom in the right room is currently unused due to malodor caused by unknown factors.

- The layout appears to have been planned with serving the elderly in mind. 

- The rooms on both sides were used by separate groups of elderly women and men. 

- The central living room was used for dining or holding village meetings and events. 

- The living room is currently used by members of the Women's society and is most frequently used during summer when the members are less busy from kelp farming than during the winter.

- Since Song of the Wind is a project aimed towards villagers, the Village Women's Society was generous enough to lease the 1st-floor space to our project during relatively vacant periods.

2) 2nd Floor

- We heard that the 2nd floor occupied by the Village Youth Group cannot be vacated for our needs because it has a billiards table installed, and is therefore often used by the members for social occasions.

Figure 1. Overview of the village community center, 2022, YIAN Architects.

(3) Song of the Wind Project Essentials

- Plan separate lodgings for male/female participants by utilizing the rooms on both sides.

- Utilize the central living room space as shared space for participants and allow them to cook meals for themselves by installing kitchen appliances. 

- Western types of furniture such as beds, workbenches, and kitchen tables will be required, as many international participants will be involved in the project. 

- The proposal must be made as soon as possible, as Jeollanam-do Culture Foundation (JNCF) must use its remaining budget within 2022. The Foundation also requested that the residency space renovation work contract must proceed within 2022. 

Construction Phase 1 Status: Village Community Center Renovation

- We have decided to proceed with the phase 1 renovation task, which can be carried out within budget first, in order to spend the remaining 2022 budget as soon as possible. 

- The main phase's first task consists of renovating the village community center so its structure and finishing materials are suitable as a residency space.

7 Dec. 2022 (Wed.) ~ 8 Dec. 2022 (Thur.):
Architects' First Visit to Yaksan-do

(1) Meeting with the Main Project Staff

- Architects Jiin Kim, Changgyu Choi, Yuhee Eun from YIAN Architects visited Yaksan-do for the first time, surveying the (Old) Village Community Center and conferring with director Sunyoung Oh and the artist Soo Kyung Lee about the project. 

(2) New Request from Village Women's Society / Construction Site

- The head of the Village Women's Society presented a new condition not present in the lease contract; They would not lease the space unless we make a new entrance around the restroom exteriors in the right room.

- Just as we feared, we found a discrepancy between the area stated in the building ledger and the actual area during the actual survey.

(3) Construction Arrangements  

- We have decided to leave the wainscot to finish on the lower indoor wall as is since it was clean enough, and only paper the upper wall after removing the wallpapers.

- Remodel the restroom in the left and right rooms.

- By the head of the Village Women's Society's request, we have decided to build a new entrance by cutting the exterior wall so that the right restroom can be accessed from the outside.

- Expand the restroom to lower outdoor stairs.

Figure 2. YIAN Architects, Deconstruction Plan (Dec. 2022).

(4) Meeting with the Construction Company & Contract Signing

- Since this is a small construction work taking place in an island village, we have recognized that we are unable to involve a larger construction company. As such, we held a meeting with a construction manager recommended by the locals among those who mainly work within Wando-gun. 

- As the construction manager examined the area, one of the Youth Group members from the 2nd floor came down and greeted him. That was when we knew that the manager had a lot of connections within Yaksan-do. 

- We decided to sign the contract with the construction manager since he has many connections, and therefore, we believe he will provide decent repair service if anything goes wrong during construction. 

8. Dec. 2022 (Thur.): On-site Construction Work

(1) Interior Work & Wrong Procedure

- Removed interior walls and floor finishes inside the village community center.

- However, the construction manager removed the wainscot finish of his own decision, despite asking him to leave it as is via a deconstruction plan and over the phone. 

- While the construction manager admitted it was his mistake, he went on to defend himself by stating it was better to remove the wainscot finish because there were a number of cockroaches under the material.

- Difficult to oversee individual processes because the site is located far away.

(2) Isolated the Cause of Malodor in the Right Restroom

- The malodor from the restroom was caused by misconnecting the greywater pipe and blackwater pipe during the building's actual construction.

- While the malodor problem that caused many grievances to the Women's Society was easily solved, it was an indicator of the area's poor public construction standard.

Figure 3. Left) Removal of Interior Finishing Material (Excessive Removal of Wainscot Finish), Right) Sewage Pipe Causing Malodor. 2022, YIAN Architects.

9. Dec. 2022 (Fri.): Restroom Repairs

- Proceeded with cleaning and repairing pipes connected to the restroom septic tank.

- Per the head of the Women's Society's request, the right restroom will be extended to the lower stairwell by demolishing the exterior wall. The toilet will be placed on the outside, and the current restroom area will turn into space for village work, requiring plenty of water.

- Must declare restroom expansion to local authorities under construction laws. 

12. Dec. 2022. (Mon.): Finalizing Blueprint,
Writing Budget Statement, Proceeding with Administrative Work

(1) Construction Work Status

- Removed exterior wall in order to expand restroom exteriors.

- Finalized blueprint and budget for restroom expansion.

(2) Legal Matters Concerning Construction & Yaksan-do's Way of Solving the Problem

- We have decided to declare our building extension while carrying out construction work at the same time in order to spend the construction budget within 2022, even though the correct procedure is to declare the extension first before construction. 

- We found a legal problem concerning the building. There was a mismatch between the land area stated in the building register and the land register. Unfortunately, the land-building ratio was 46%, exceeding the legal limit of 40%.  Normally, this matter is a huge violation of construction laws, so we made calls to Sunyoung Oh and the construction manager and told them that we should stop putting construction work on hold until this legal matter is sorted. While Sunyoung agreed, the construction manager claimed that we do not need to declare such discrepancies because the circumstances in Yaksan-do were "different" from those in Busan, our main area of operation.  

- Dr. Sunyoung Oh handed us the contact information and instructed us to confer with the person in charge of construction-related administration at Yaksan Town Office on this matter. We explained our situation to the administrator, and he replied that we should try to comply with the villagers' demands at our own discretion without going through administrative hoops.

13. Dec. 2022 (Tue.): Heavy Snow, Slowing our Haste

- We have resumed the restroom expansion sans the administrative procedures. However, all work soon came to a halt due to heavy snow.

- Looks like there will be some setbacks completing the work by 27th of December. 

22. Dec. 2022 (Thur.): Resuming Work

- We have resumed work suspended by heavy snow. Proceeded with plastering interior walls and restroom expansion.

26. Dec. 2022 (Mon.): Finishing Touches

- Large construction works are almost finished, as well as the restroom expansion. 

- Through the photos sent by the construction manager, we have identified several faulty constructions, including misplacement of the kitchen sink in the central living room and the wrong stair landing length below the exterior toilet entrance.

Figure 4. Kitchen Sink Relocation, 2022, YIAN Architects.

Figure 5. Stair Landing Removal, 2022, YIAN Architects.

27. Dec. (Tue.): Construction Site Inspection over the phone

- The construction entered its final stages. 

- We found out over the phone that the indoor lights had not been installed. As it turns out, the construction manager continued construction on his own accord and did not follow the construction plan. 

- Discovered that the manager installed black lighting products instead of white ones as we requested, even though we delivered our construction plan and demands via text message for the second time.

Phase 2 Construction Status: Interior Space for Residency Participants

- Tasks in phase 2 include preparing types of furniture, appliances, and daily necessities for participants, as well as finishing remodelling work that was left incomplete after depleting the 2022 budget.

10. Jan. 2023 (Tue.): Foundation, Project Staff, Different Ideals

- We came up with specific plans for supporting participants' residency and work prior to phase 2 tasks. The plans include making types of furniture for everyday usage, purchasing appliances and necessities, and allocating additional interior/exterior space. 

- There were several difficulties due to JNCF’s budget regulation policy, which prohibited purchasing products required for furnishing residency space. 

- Considering the residency's unusual circumstances, where both domestic and foreign participants survey the site and undergo kelp farming at the same time, we can understand that it is difficult to draw a new budget policy catered to this project. What we could not understand, however, was the confounded looks we got from the foundation's business manager and their reluctance to solve this problem. 

- For now, we have settled our differences by renting appliances, making our own types of furniture, and having the foundation purchase necessities for us.

1. Jan. 2023 – Purchases made during the secondary task

- List of essential purchases & rentals for basic commodities for 2023 project participants 

1) Rental List
ProductQuantity & SpecificationsMiscellaneous
Air conditionerLiving room - 1 floor standing AC / 

Room 1,2 - 1 wall-mounted AC EA
Living room: 24.8㎡/each room: 19.8㎡
Refrigerator1 EArefrigeration/freezing functions
Washing machine1 18kg Top-loading washer W/ 'bedding' function
Mattress6 SS-size mattress3 each room
Portable induction cookerMore than 2
Vacuum cleaner1 EACordless vacuum for studios

2) Purchase List (Electric Appliances)
ProductQuantitySpecifications & Misc.
Electric kettle1 EAAbove 1.5L
Electric rice cooker1 EA6 cups and above
Microwave oven1 EAAbove 20L & 700w
Electric fan2 EA1 each room

3) Other Preparations
ProductQuantitySpecifications & Misc.
InternetContract until no longer needed/JNCFWifi-enabled
WaterContract until no longer needed/JNCF
Boiler fuel20LNeed to install water heater when out of order

4) Purchase List (Kitchenware) *Need to buy eco-friendly products
Product                                    QuantitySpecifications & Misc.
TablewareTableware set for 8Rice bowl 8P, Soup bowl 8P, Small round dish 8P,

Medium round dish 10P, Large round dish 4P,

Large round multibowl 2P, Noodle bowl 6P
CupMore than 10250ml or bigger 
Cutlery8-people set8 spoon & chopstick set, 8 cutlery set
Kettle2 EA2L or bigger
PotLarge, Medium, Small1.5L / 3L / 5L
Frying pan2 EA28cm frying pan / 32cm wok
Kitchen knife / Cutting boardFruit knife / Kitchen knife / Cutting board
Colander1 EA24cm or bigger
Trivet2 EA
Cooking utensils1 of eachSlotted turner, Ladle, Rice paddle, Spatula, Cooking chopsticks, Tongs
Washing liquid, Scrubber, Dishtowel1 of each

5) Purchase List (Necessities)
Product                        Quantity       Specifications & Misc.
Dustbin3 EA2 above 10L / 1 above 20L
Food waste bin1 EAAbove 5L
Towel20 EA10 for each restroom
Duvet set8 SetsPillows, pads, duvets (SS-size, all-seasons)
Foot mat3 EAPlaced in front of each restroom / entrance
Hanger2 EA1 for each room
Drying rack1 EALarge-size
Personal locker6 EAKeyholes required for storing personal valuables (wallet, passports)

6) List of Furniture for Production
Product                                                            Quantity & Specifications        Miscellaneous
Multipurpose table (dining / work)1 EA – 2,100x900cm
Bedframe6 EA
Outdoor tableSize to be decided
Table bench1 EA 1,600x400cm

Table 1. Dangmok-ri (Old) Village Community Center Project 2022-2023: List of Purchases

2. Estimated Preparation Date for Product Rental & Purchase

- We need to finish preparing by Jan. 31 since artists/ participating researchers will move in early February.

12. Jan. 2023 (Thur.): Discussion at JNCF

- Officials from Jeollanam-do and Wando-gun claimed that they had only learned of this project recently, well into its first year, because the project was not "properly advertised." According to Sunyoung, the heads of art from both organizations were disappointed that they could not apply to this project, and would have done so had they known about it sooner. We have no idea what kind of effort the JNCF makes for this project, and we are genuinely curious why they wanted this project at all.

- While it is four times more expensive to produce an item of furniture instead of purchasing ready-made ones from IKEA, the JNCF insisted that purchasing goods is not possible due to their budget policy.

18. Jan. 2023 (Wed.): An Unwelcome KakaoTalk Group Message

- JNCF confirmed again that while it is possible to rent appliances or necessities, it is not possible to purchase them. In the end, we rented products at a much higher cost.

20. Jan. 2023 (Fri.): Meeting with Prof. Shinkoo Woo

- Conferred on furniture placements and phase 2 construction work. 

- Shared news that Wando-gun will aid us so that we can use the second floor of the village community center as residency space. We discussed the pros and cons of separating living space according to gender and separating work space and lodgings, provided that we can actually utilize the second-floor space. 

- Discussed whether we should entrust the furniture production to artist Byengseok Kim, who operates a woodworking shop in Busan. He has experience of cooperating with Sunyoung's exhibition in Gimhae. 

- Also discussed methods of allocating budget for purchasing appliances or necessities by applying for sponsorships such as Wando Suhyup (fisheries coop) or local businesses. 

23. Jan. 2023 (Mon.): Phone Call with Director Oh

- Plans to use the village community center as residency space from February were postponed because the construction could not continue due to internal affairs at JNCF and Director Oh's business trip to the UK.

31. Jan. 2023 (Tue.): Project Manager from JNCF Replaced

- JNCF Manager in charge of Song of the Wind project was replaced with a new personnel, who was hired recently.

1. Feb. 2023 (Wed.): Requested Furniture Production Quotes from Byengseok Kim

- The work resumed after JNCF's project manager was replaced.

- We requested quotes from Byengseok Kim. He presented us with quotes for 7 bedframes, 2 table sets, 1 low wooden bench, for the grand total of 6 million KRW. (installation fee included)

- We also requested that the worktable be designed as a knockdown table, allowing us to disassemble and store it when not in use and that the beds be designed as low-floor beds.

Figure 6. Byengseok Kim, Prefabricated Table, 2023.

4. Feb. 2023 (Sat.): Zoom Meeting (21:00)

- Discussed details of phase 2 construction work.

- The glass doors on the 1st-floor entrance make it difficult to protect the participants' privacy and are also in need of repairs because their sizes do not match. Therefore, we are planning to cover the doors with frosted sheets and install digital door locks with keypads in order to ensure safety and prevent theft.

Figure 7. Mismatching Doors in Need of Repair 2023, YIAN Architects.

9. Feb. 2023 (Thur.): Permission to Utilize 2nd Floor from Village Youth Group

- We received a message stating that the Village Youth Group authorized us to use the 2nd floor as residency space. 

10. Feb. 2023 (Fri.): Interior Space Plan 

- Included 1st-floor entrance glass door repairs and frost paper finish.

- Placed worktables on the 2nd floor so that the space can be used as workspace residency participants, and planned a smaller room as the Director's room and workspace. 

20. Mar. 2023 (Mon): Renovation Plan Confirmed!

Figure 8. YIAN Architects, Residency Furniture Layout, 2023.

23. Mar. 2023 (Thurs.): Before Construction

- Received construction quote from the construction manager. 

2) Mar. 2023
Specifics                                                    Duration                                                                               Budget (KRW)
1. Constructions
F1- Glass door repairsMar. 2023300,000
- Glass door frostingMar. 2023150,000
- Wainscot finishMar. 20234,300,000
- Wallpaper finishMar. 20231,000,000
F2- Finishing material removal & wallpaperingMar. 20231,000,000
All- Digital lock for F1/F2 entranceMar. 2023500,000
- Construction manager wageMar. 20231,000,000
- VATMar. 2023825,000

Table 2. Secondary Construction Quote, 2023, YIAN Architects.

30. Mar. 2023 (Fri.): Reinstalling Wainscot Finish

- We have reinstalled the wainscot that the construction manager removed on his own, as requested by the Village Women's Society.

Figure 9. Wainscot Installation, 2023, YIAN Architects.

31. Mar. 2023 (Sat.): IKEA Mattress Delivered

Figure 10. IKEA Mattresses, 2023, YIAN Architects.

2. Apr. 2023 (Sun.): Never a Peaceful Day in Yaksan-do

- We were unable finish the 2nd floor wallpapering job we planned yesterday, as the resident who gave us permission to use the 2nd floor suddenly changed his tune and barred us from using the space.

- The residents alleged that they signed the agreement believing that we only use the 1st floor and were unaware that there was a clause stating that we also use the 2nd floor, claiming that the JNCF defrauded them.

- The construction manager, who also a resident in the area, pleaded with the village head and the head of the Village Youth Group to let us use the space, promising that we would only use it for a few months, that the Youth Group could continue to use their billiard table, and that we would plaster brand new wallpapers, but they stood their ground. 

- This argument led me to ask a question: what is the perfect balance between lending out space for a few months of residency, and benefits to the locals such as restroom expansion, brand-new interior finishing material, new refrigerator and AC, and so on.

- Sunyoung decided not to use the 2nd floor, and move the order-made furniture to a different place. We also returned the chairs we ordered from IKEA. 

3. Apr. 2023 (Mon.): The Furniture Placement Catastrophe

- We requested the furniture used by participants to be delivered to Yaksan-do village community center. 

- A worker called to say that the clothing locker for the entrance was the wrong size. While the locker was the right width for the distance between the walls, it did not account for the stone material used to place rags and mops protruding from below the wall.

- We originally planned to install three closets at the entrance, but we only installed two and placed one in a room instead. 

Figure 11. The Furniture Placement Catastrophe, 2023, YIAN Architects.

6. Apr. 2023 (Thur.) : Finishing Touches

- Installed fire detector on the ceiling, and finished plastering wallpapers.

- Covered the entrance glass doors with frosted sheets so that the indoor living space would not be visible from the outside. 

Figure 12. Fire Detector Installation & Frosted Sheets, 2023, YIAN Architects.

14. Apr. 2023 (Fri.): Purchasing Daily Necessities

- Purchased necessities that will be used by residency participants at an IKEA in Busan. 

- As agreed upon with JNCF, we purchased 8 duvet sets, 8 tableware sets, towels, and power strips.

- We plan to wash the duvet sets in Busan first to remove dust and ensure hygiene.  

Figure 13. Purchasing Necessities, 2023, YIAN Architects.

20. Apr. 2023 (Thur.) 21. Apr. 2023 (Fri.): Carrying Necessities from Busan to Yaksan-do & Construction Site Inspection

- We finally carried the necessities we purchased in Busan to Yaksan-do through a long trip of 5 hours.

- The purpose of this business trip is to wrap up the (old) village community center remodeling work and to inspect whether the space is suitable for participants' activities.

- The closet originally planned to be installed at the entrance was moved inside the dorm room, as it seemed more comfortable for participants. 

- We placed mattresses and duvet sets inside closets to keep them safe from dust, and placed kitchenware in living room and kitchen.
Figure 14. Purchased Necessities, 2023, YIAN Architects.

- We have assembled and placed a 1200 mm table that was originally intended for use on the 2nd floor workspace at the corner of the living room for participants.
Figure 15. Table & Bed Placements, 2023, YIAN Architects.

- Surveyed whether there was any other faulty construction work in phase 2.

- We took photos of misplaced keyhole on the restroom door, unused and exposed wires, and heaps of garbage left around the entrance. Afterwards, we forwarded them to the construction manager and asked him to take appropriate measures.
Figure 16. Left) Keyhole Doorknob Relocation, Mid) Unused Wire, Right) Garbage, 2023, YIAN Architects.

- In the evening, we were invited by the local artist Yukyung Lee and were served a delicious meal, and enjoyed her anecdotes about her life in Yaksan-do. 

- We originally planned to stay at the residency space and check for inconveniences, but ended up resting at a hotel in Wando-eup since the residency was too dusty, had no toiletries, and we were too exhausted by the 5-hour trip. 

4. May 2023 (Thur.): Myriad of Problems Following Move-in

- Participants from other countries finally moved into the residency space. 

- However, a host of different problems surfaced after move-in; the boiler emitted a strong odor, there was no hot water in the shower room, and the electrical wires inside panels would overheat. 

- The blame falls on our shoulders, as we did not properly test electricity and other machineries after remodeling.

- The participants must feel inconvenienced as the weather is still cold and it is set to rain at Yaksan-do.

- We called the construction manager for a swift action.

5. May 2023 (Fri.): Heavy Rain at Yaksan-do

- The construction manager could not visit the village community center because of heavy rain, leaving the problems unresolved.

- Both the directors and the participants said they took showers at the local public bath because there was no hot water. 

8. May 2023 (Mon.): Problems Solved

- The washing machine went out of order and the toilet was clogged over the weekend.

- The construction manager went to the residency space in the morning and inspected the area. As for the hot water problem, the construction manager admitted that he did not connect the hot water pipe to the shower room during the restroom expansion. 

- The boiler emitted a strong odor because it was not connected to a stovepipe exhaust.

- To prevent the toilet from clogging, we asked the JNCF to print out memos in different languages asking the participants not to flush used toilet paper.

- The overheating wire was caused by the overly high temperature setting on the electricity panel.

- The washing machine rental company left without testing it after installation. As it turns out, the machine stopped working because it was not level, and, as a result, the machine began moving due to vibration. 

- The participants had to put up with these inconveniences for several days, as heavy rain and overlapping weekends delayed the means of solving these problems. 

- As small a construction as it was, all these problems came to be because there was no control over each other's work area due to a wide range of people and businesses involved. 

- In addition, as this residency space is in an absolutely unfamiliar region/location for participants from around the world, and there is no on-site maintenance personnel to forward their questions to, I felt that they would need some sort of a detailed manual outlining how to use various facilities and house rules.  

- After various trials and tribulations over an extended period of time, the (old) village community center at Dangmok-ri, Yaksan-do finally started to function as a residency space for the Song of the Wind project. 

- Even though we were in charge of the (old) village community center remodelling up until now, it is now up to the participants to make the residency space theirs.

YIAN, an architectural firm by Jiin Kim and Changgyu Choi researches the relationship between cities, buildings, space, and placeness. Rather than a unique and highly aesthetic building visible from the outside, we aim for architecture with comfort and its specialty that harmonizes with the place. YIAN practices a form of architecture that creates distinctiveness by customizing a structure to its location, creating a conservative, comfortable space.

The house whose living space greets you when you return from a long day’s work is whose customized specialness provides the rest that only “my home” can. The architecture that generates this kind of rest is precisely what YIAN aims to create. YIAN Architects won the Design Competition for Architecture for Jang-an Town Welfare Center in 2021.


Byengseok Kim (1979~ ) is a furniture designer and producer who majored in architecture and landscape architecture in undergraduate and graduate schools.  In 2012, Kim Byeongseok discovered his furniture-making passion and began exploring woodworking techniques. As he honed his skills, he found that his background knowledge of architecture and landscaping provided a unique perspective on furniture design and production. Using his knowledge of space and the environment, he was able to create not only beautiful but also functional and practical works.

In 2015, the artist held a private workshop (BSKWOODWORKS) to focus on creating custom-made furniture to meet customer needs. He keeps thinking about the nature of furniture.