Dance: Wish

Ambiguous Dance Company

Dance : Wish video 3min 22 sec

Dance : Wish, Ambiguous Dance Company documentary 19min 23sec

Like its name, Ambiguous Dance Company is a fine arts agency that crosses contemporary dance’s boundaries and genres and shows its unique color. It was founded in 2011 with choreographer Boram Kim, who began to draw attention from the dance world by winning the Best Film award at the CJ Young Festival with Bolero in 2008.

Ambiguous Dance Company creates works based on the belief that expressing music and dance through the ‘body’ is the most accurate and authentic language. Known for their unique musical interpretation and choreography with particular movements, Ambiguous is actively continuing creative activities to release something in their hearts on stage, breaking away from the genre or concept of dance. Also, as their dance language is introduced through various platforms, they are trying to exert a good influence on many artists in the dance world and fine arts.

Body Concert released in 2010, won the Critics’ Choice Best Performance Award (2010), and various repertoires such as Coexistence, Mistake, Rhythm of Human, Fever were named Seoul Dance Collection Best Performance Award at the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (2010), Audience Prize at the 17th Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands (2012), Touchpoint Art Foundation Prize & Encouragement Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX (2014), The Best Performance Award at Korea Association of Dance Critics and Researchers Prize (2014), etc. They have been invited to various festivals, such as Hungary’s Sziget Festival, Germany’s Tanz im August, and Romania’s Sibiu International Theater Festival, and are preparing for a performance tour in France in April 2023.