Song of the Wind Teaser


Sunyoung Oh

Video Director
Choi Jaehoon

Visual Group 31

Kim Young-bok, Cha Woo-sam, Park Hyang Seop, Park Seung Yong, Kim Dae Ju, Song Mi Hwa, Jeong An Soon, Kim Seong Mi, Lee Song Hee, Oh Eun Hee, Shin Su Young, Baek Hye Sun, Park Min Ja, Han Ae Shim, Grace A Pilyeta, Yoon Ju Ya, Cho Hyeong Suk, Lim Yi Seop

Jaehoon Choi began his work in an attempt to face his own memories and wounds. He explores the sharing of personal traumas and memories, and contemplates how they can be confronted and healed within a community. Based on this, it is reproduced as ‘a distorted mirror image, a point where the inside and outside meet, a digital totem, and the shape of a community system’. He mainly works using sculpture, video, object installation, and photography, and recently he is also attempting interactive audience participation in his works.